Keykeg Listing

Beer Name Brewery Location ABV (%) Tasting Notes
Maple Stout Arundel Sussex 5.4 A maple syrup, chocolate & coffee stout
Smoked Porter Arundel Sussex 6 A wonderfully rich smooth beer with subtle smokey overtones
Wild Heaven Arundel Sussex 5.2 American Pale Ale
Bloody 'Ell Beavertown London 7.2 Blood Orange IPA
Smog Rocket Beavertown London 5.4 Smoked Porter
Estsa Loco? Bone Machine Pocklington, E Yorks 4.5 Ancho chilli, lime juice and sea salt pale ale.
Funny Bone Bone Machine Pocklington, E Yorks 4 Elderflower, Hibiscus & Lavender Pale
Ripchord BrewBoard Cambridge 4.3 Multi hopped session pale ale
Lakota BrewBoard Cambridge 5.1 Dry Hopped American Pale Ale
Handroid BrewBoard Cambridge 6.4 Rich malty and caramel take on traditional English IPA
Black Mandariana Sour Chorlton Manchester 6 Sour Black IPA
DDH Pale Citra Cloudwater Manchester 5.5 Double dry hopped IPA
Cowcatcher East London Brewery Clapton, London 4.8 American Pale Ale
Beatnik Gipsy Hill London 3.8 Pale Ale
N1: APA Hammerton Islington, London 4.1 Fruity Session Pale Ale
Islington: Steam Lager Hammerton Islington, London 4.7 Unfiltered, unpasteurised lager with a difference
Crunch (Limited Edition) Hammerton Islington, London 5.4 Peanut butter Stout
Panama Creature: Extra Pale Ale Hammerton Islington, London 4.2 Dry hopped extra pale ale
Tzatziki Sour Mad Hatter Liverpool 4.2 Cucumber and Mint Sour
Double Nightmare on Bold Street Mad Hatter Liverpool 8.5 Creamy milk stout infused with coffee
Lick Face Pale Mad Hatter Liverpool 4 Pale Ale
Penny Lane Mad Hatter Liverpool 3.9 Session IPA
Saucery Magic Rock Huddersfield 3.9 Session IPA
Salty Kiss Magic Rock Huddersfield 4.1 Goseberry Gose with sea buckthorn and salt
Fantasma Magic Rock Huddersfield 6.5 Gluten Free, Juicy IPA
Earl Grey IPA Marble Beers Manchester 6.8 Earl Grey infused IPA
Dinosaurs will Die Marble Beers Manchester 4.1 Tropical Gose. Collaboration for Manchester Beer Week 2018 with Lily Waite
Exotic Peppercorn Vienna Lager Marble Beers Manchester 5.2 Collaboration for Manchester Beer Week 2018 with Melissa Cole
Full Guard DIPA Marble Beers Manchester 8.5 Double IPA, soft and juicy
Brown Maregade Hackney, London 4.6 Nutty Smooth Brown Ale
Maple Milk Stout Maregade Hackney, London 4.5 Well bodied stout with Maple Syrup
Fusion 2016 Moor Bristol 8 Old Ale, matured in Somerset Cider Brandy barrels
INCRUSéE Balsamic Milk Stout ORA Brewing Bermondsey, London 6 Balsamic Milk Stout
Germinal Pig & Porter Tunbridge Wells 3.7 Refreshing Toyomidori hopped sour
Sandstorm Pig & Porter Tunbridge Wells 4.9 Munich Helles Style Lager
Pale Fire Pressure Drop Tottenham, London 4.8 Refreshing house pale ale
Bosko Pressure Drop Tottenham, London 6.5 Retro American IPA
Big Chief Redemption Tottenham, London 5.5 Big hoppy IPA
Rock the Kazbek Redemption Tottenham, London 4 Blonde Ale
Broken Dream Siren Wokingham 6.5 Breakfast Stout with chocolate and coffee
Suspended in Secrets Siren Wokingham 4 Hazy Pale
White Tips Siren Wokingham 4.6 Belgian Wit IPA
Pale Armadillo Tempest Galashields 3.8 West Coast IPA, Citrus and Tropical Fruits
Elemental Porter Tempest Galashields 5.1 Classic robust porter
Modern Helles Tempest Galashields 4.1 Refreshing uncomplicated Lager
Mango Berliner Tempest Galashields 4.2 Mango Sour Beer
Green River Tempest + Duration Galashields 4.5 Summer Session IPA
Jaipur Thornbridge Bakewell 5.9 Citrus dominated IPA
Tzara Thornbridge Bakewell 4.8 Koln Style Beer, crisp and refreshing
AM-PM Thornbridge Bakewell 4.5 IPA with tropical fruit flavours and aromas
Monsters: No More Tuesdays Torrside High Peak, Derbyshire 11.5 Bergamot & raspberry imperial blonde.
Zuur Rhubarb Vibrant Lymington 3.5 Seasonal Fruit Belgium Sour (Rhubarb) (Unfined)
Wheat Wave Vibrant Lymington 4.8 Blond Wheat Beer (Unfined)
Metropolis Vibrant Lymington 6 Indian Black IPA (Unfined)
Blank Space Gose Wildweather Reading 4.5 Samphire and Lime Gose
First Person Fruiter Wildweather Reading 5 Cherry and Banana Sour
Complete History Wildweather Reading 5.5 Jasmine Saison
Welcome to the Crumble Wildweather Reading 5.5 A fruit crumble inspired desert beer
Shell Fish Besterd Wildweather Reading 6 Cockle and Seaweed Stout

Please note that these lists do not guarantee availability of what will be on sale during the festival. These lists are not final and changes can be made at any time without prior notice.