World Food Court

We have selected a range of foods from around the world to compliment our festival beers and ciders. Cuisine from the USA, Spain, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, UK, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Thailand, India and Korea will be available. We also have snacks such as pickled eggs, olives, nuts, confectionary and you can buy yourselves a T shirt or hat.

Our food concessions have 4 and 5 star Food Hygiene Rating – the highest you can get is 5. Have a look at what is on offer and happy eating.

Anne's Pantry

Anne’s Pantry is a Chelmsford based award* winning catering company that freshly produces over 40 different dishes from around the world. Anne is also a qualified nutritionist to help give advice to customers and bring specialised catering to any event for dietary requirement needs.

*Gold Award for Healthy Eating - Chelmsford City Council & Essex County Council.

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Comfort Kitchen London

Comfort Kitchen London is inspired by extensive travels to America's Deep South. Serving comforting, southern, soul food, Comfort Kitchen's was featured in Time Out magazine as "Traditional southern cooking" and "outstanding and authentic southern-style chicken" and was awarded 4 stars. And is also featured on their best American restaurants list, the only street food stall in the category.


High Steaks

High Steaks use the very best local ingredients alongside years of travel and research to bring gourmet Argentine Inspired, internationally influenced street food to the Festival.

All of the beef we use in our signature steak sandwiches is sourced from local, naturally fed, free range herds via the Rare Breed Meat Company. We only ever use the rib eye (renowned for its high marbling content and full flavour) which we cut into wafer thin “philly style” layers and serve with our vibrant chimichurri for a seriously quick cooking, easy eating, melt in the mouth experience. Our vessel of choice is the lightest, fluffiest artisan pitta bread which really lets the steak and chimichurri do the talking!

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Riva Wood Fired Pizza

How we do it

The Riva Wood Fired Pizza way of working is based on one simple rule, authenticity. This is why all of the pizza ovens we use to cook in are traditional wood fired ovens and manufactured in Italy.

The type '00' pizza flour we use to produce our pizza dough fresh every day is produced in Italy.

The tomatoes we use for our Neapolitan sauce are produced in Italy. The Fior di latte mozzarella (made from the first cream of the milk) we use is produced in Italy, and so on, you get the idea, authentic.

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Henley's Love Sweets

Henley's Love Sweets specialises in liquorice from all over Europe, sugar free sweets, chocolate covered nuts and a lovely selection of retro sweeties a something special for the children.

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Let's Go Fish and Chips

Let's Go Fish and Chips has been serving our fresh tasting fish and chips since 2014 with our trademark fluffy batter. Try the fisherman's basket which includes fish, prawns, calamari and chips.

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Let’s Go Mexicana

Let's Go Mexicana is a Mexican food company on the go, serving festival favourites such as burritos, nachos and chilli, chips, cheese since 2012.

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Now Now South African Food Co.

We bring delicious, homemade South African curries made from our own unique spice blends which are quite simply sunshine on a plate. They are served traditionally as a Bunny Chow (a hollowed-out bread, no bunnies used!) or with turmeric rice and sides. South Africans love their beer so we are the perfect match! Join us for a taste sensation which will fill your tummies and take you down a South African food adventure.

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Olives and Things

Olives in homemade marinades using fresh herbs, homemade chilli oil (with Scotch Bonnet chillies), stuffed vine leaves, pickled garlic, sun dried tomatoes, nuts and homemade Biltong from New Forest Beef.


Purely Pickled Eggs Ltd

Roll up to the Pickled Egg Bar for a tasty pickled eggs-perience. Find your favourite flavour of British free range pickled egg. No pushing now.

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ROK kitchen

Super crispy chicken Katsu curry, Sweet Korean BBQ beef and this year, we're making kimchi.


Smart T's

Smart T’s returns to Chelmsford Beer Festival, heralding over a decade of partnership, featuring an eclectic mix of home grown t-shirt designs or hats for all occasions - well, occasions that require a cool t-shirt and outrageous titfer! “Classics", “Cutting Edge", “Progressive" - just some of the nonsensical sound bites designed to help flog our wares. Why not toddle over to buy from our ready-to-wear collection at fantastic festival prices or buy on-line from the comfort of your own pub.

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Yim Thai 2016 Ltd

Sawasdee (welcome / hello), our motto is "Ow Jai Sai" which translates as "from the heart". It means that everything matters to us and we care about everything from our heart. We use fresh authentic Thai ingredients in a range of exquisite Thai dishes and look forward to seeing you with a Thai welcome. We have been awarded 5 stars in food and hygiene, 4.5 stars in TripAdvisor and 4.5 stars in Google.

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Pipers Crisps

Pipers Crisps was founded by three farmers in 2004, all of whom are still actively involved in the business of making ‘crisps as they should taste’.

Our premium crisps are famous for their great taste and bold flavours. But you don’t need to take our word for it; we’ve been voted Britain’s Best Brand of savoury snacks for six years in a row, and our ten delicious flavours have won 37 Great Taste Awards between them.

Try some Pipers Crisps today. They’re full of flavour and gluten-free; you won’t be disappointed!

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Hopleaf are delighted to be back at the festival. Fine burgers and sausages, handmade from Essex produce barbecued over charcoal served with a selection of toppings including our famous Hot Chilli Relish. Also delicious German Bratwurst barbecued to perfection served in Salt n Pepper French stick. Plus chunky chips.

Delicious Curries & Chilli made by us with high quality ingredients and amazing spices. Choice of mild, medium & hot curries, Indian & Thai plus traditional Chilli with a touch of cumin. Vegetarian options including the Vege Combo Box with curries, dahl, samosa, bhaji and riata.

Check blackboard for daily specials including Ham, Egg & Chips.

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The Devil's Pantry

Our influences are drawn heavily from the Mediterranean cooking. We bring the freshest, most flavoursome food to the festival, whether it's grilled slabs of halloumi, traditional lamb kofte, or semi-cured chorizo, it's all fresh and delicious.

We hand make our salads, pickles and sauce including our chimichurri salsa, minty yogurt and roasted pepper hot sauce.

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PB Ices

PB Ices

On the family day Petes Ices will return and have their ice cream van serving the usual range of cones, ices etc.