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Bands and Charities

Please contact us via the contact page.

Please contact us via the contact page.

What I can bring

Accompanied children are welcome throughout the festival until 6pm. We also have a family day on Saturday.

Well behaved dogs on leads with a responsible adult are welcome. Taps for drinking water are located around the site.

The festival has a large outdoor area, where you can smoke.
PLEASE NOTE that smoking/vaping is NOT allowed inside or in the doorways of ANY of the marquees or tents, as well as in the toilets.

The festival has a large out door area, where you can use electronic cigarettes.
PLEASE NOTE that using electronic cigarettes is NOT allowed inside or in the doorways of ANY of the marquees or tents, as well as in the toilets.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and soft drinks. Please note be prepared to have your bag searched on entry.
Why not try our range of World Foods on offer at the Festival. We have freshly cooked food with great tastes from countries such as Spain, Thailand, the Caribbean, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and more still. We also have snacks available - sweets, pickled eggs, olives and nuts, ice cream on the Saturday and T shirts and hats for sale.

If you're lucky to look young please make sure you bring proof of age with you. You will not be served if you appear under age and do not have proof of age with you.
Please request an over 18 wrist band at the entrance if you believe you will be challenged regularly.

No, sorry. Only alcohol purchased on site can be consumed on site. Searches do take place at the entrance and alcohol found will be held at the entrance for collection on leaving, any person found within the festival with alcohol not purchased on site will be evicted.

Yes, but we can only serve into a CE marked lined glass, so you are welcome to hire a festival glass and pour your drink into another vessel.

We are only able to serve into CE lined glasses. You can certainly drink from your stein, but if its not CE lined we will have to serve you in your own lined glass. Thanks.

Paying and getting cash

All bars accept cash or pre-purchased tokens. None of our bars have a debit card facility. Cashback is available from the Information & Membership tent.

Only cash can be used over a bar, we operate a cashback facility at the Membership & Information tent in the centre of the beer garden up to limit of £50 per transaction.

Cashback is available at the Membership & Information stand in the centre of the beer garden up to limit of £50 per transaction.

Parking my car/bike

Yes, outside the festival there are places to chain a bike. The festival, its organisers and CAMRA take no responsibility for any items left there.

No. Please see our festival parking map for more information.

There is small car park for Admirals park just down the road from the entrance. Or see our map to other local carparks, we do prefer if you can use those opposed to the local roads.

CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale)

The organisers have reviewed this question many times, over many years. In the interest of being an all-inclusive festival its felt that one queue for all regardless of CAMRA membership provides fair ingress into the festival. CAMRA members get the benefit of free admission into the festival which is felt compensates for any time spent queuing. A new entrance layout will be in operation in 2018 to try and speed up ingress into the festival.

Visit the Membership & Information tent in the garden to find out more information.

Yes, just join at the Membership & Information tent in the middle of the beer garden.

Entrance Tickets

No we don’t, but by becoming a member of CAMRA at the festival your entry is free.

We currently operate a corporate ticket scheme, however this does not give any special discounts, just easier ticketing, invoicing and payment, large groups are more than welcome to use the same service.

Yes, this can be arranged with a VAT invoice for payment prior to entry via BACS or card. Please contact our Corporate Hospitality Team by email:

We close the entrance at 22.45 each night.


Anyone! As long as you are over the age of 18, your help is welcomed. You do not need to be a member of CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) to volunteer, or even to like beer! We have roles in many different areas for all abilities. All we really need is enthusiasm and your time. You don’t even have to be local to Chelmsford as we can offer camping, catering and showering facilities on site, and caravans are welcome too.

We are grateful for any time you have available to volunteer to the festival. All that’s asked is that each shift is a minimum of three hours. Volunteers are required from the 5th July to the 16th July.

No none at all, just the ability to do simple mental arithmetic and smile.

That's not a problem, there are plenty of people around who do. By the time you finish volunteering you will have a better knowledge and understanding.

We require volunteers at the main entrance, processing glasses, litter picking, welcoming customers, and building the site. There are plenty of roles which don't involve serving pints to customers.

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept volunteers who are over 18 years old, see you next year though.

For volunteers who are working all week, or who work six hours on a particular day are able to camp over that evening or the night before.

If your camping over you are welcome to bring a caravan, space for these is limited and we would ask that you consider this when volunteering your time. Caravan space is generally allocated for those volunteering three or more days. We would ask that you mark on your volunteer sign up form if you wish to bring a caravan, so we can plan and assess numbers. No electric hook ups are available for caravans.

Hot showers, separate toilets to the public, a 24hour staff and welfare room, charging points for phones, breakfast, overnight security.

If you work through a meal time you will receive food tokens to use at the onsite traders. During build and takedown food will be provided to.

In short, souvenir t/polo shirt, free food, beer/cider and camping. But a whole lot more, being part of a team who produce one of the top UK beer and cider festivals. The experience, being able to preview beers/cider before they are sold to the general public.

We don't encourage children behind the public areas at the event. We don't have any childcare facilities on site and you would be unable to leave your child unsupervised. The site can be warningous with forklift trucks and other vehicles operating. We welcome dogs on site, but you should assess if the service areas of the festival are a suitable place for your dog, dogs should remain on a lead at all times.

Yes of course, if you’re not camping on site, please enter through the public entrance showing your volunteer badge for free entry.

The festival always needs people with specialist skills like, electrics, plumbing, IT, software development, video editing, finance, plant operator, including 3A, to mention a few. Please drop a line to and introduce yourself.

Yes, if your using the festival as work/volunteering experience, ask the Festival Organiser or your manager who will be happy to give you a reference for your time spent at the festival.

If you have completed a form online you will have been sent a receipt that your form has been submitted. If you don’t hear from us after this email, please turn up 15 minutes before your first shift starts.

Something else

Not all prices are the same, prices are all similar to standard pub pricing. We serve real ales and ciders in third, half and pint measures to ensure you can try as many or as little as you like.

In the first instance please come back to the festival site: all lost property will remain on site until Monday afternoon. After this period please email or call 07746 326 996.

Yes, there will be a range of food stalls and soft drinks will be available at the soft drink stand.

We offer free soft drinks to everyone, these are available from the soft drinks stand. Donation to the designated charities would be appreciated.

Chairs and blankets are welcome, there are tables and chairs around the festival but only for around 15% of our customers due to space.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer camping to customers. We do provide camping to Volunteers who complete a minimum mount of working hours, consider volunteering if you wish to camp over.

Not all beers will be available all the time, for a number of reasons. Real ale takes time to settle so the beer may still be settling. We don’t have enough stillage space to rack up all beers on the setup Saturday so need to wait for space to become available to put the beer up. In some small circumstances the brewery was unable to supply what we ordered. Alternatively it was very popular and already sold.

Perry is made from Pears in the same method used to produce cider. And Pyder is a mix of cider and perry.

There will be some European pilsner lagers available, on the International Beer bar. However, there will be cask lagers on the main beer bar - ask a volunteer on any of the beer bars

Felstar vineyard will be on at the festival selling a selection of wines.

There is a refundable £3 deposit on a Commemorative Festival Glass, which you can keep as a souvenir. The refund is only available if the glass is not damaged and while the refund counter is open.

Yes, wheelchair access to the festival is possible, however, there is no parking at the festival. Please see our festival parking map. Please bear in mind that the festival is in a field with marquees, and ground conditions may not be suitable at all times due to the weather.

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