Brewery Bar Listings

Brewery Beer Name ABV (%) Tasting Notes
Bishop Nick 1555 Amber Ale 4.3 A rich full-bodied tawny beer with an unmistakably sweet nutty taste underlined by the ginger and fruit of Styrian Goldings hops.
Bishop Nick Divine Premium Ale 5.1 This ale is a nod to a classic Ridleys recipe. A festival of English flavours featuring spice, nuttiness and caramel, nicely balanced with a mellow hoppiness. Pours dark amber with a deliciously dense creamy head and a warming malt aroma.
Bishop Nick Heresy Golden Ale 4 Fine English pale ale malt and Challenger give spicy bitterness and Goldings gives citrus and florals. Resolute refreshement.
Bishop Nick Joust Summer Stout 4.8 A rich and creamy summer stout packed with espresso coffee and dark chocolate flavours.
Bishop Nick Martyr American IPA 5 This hopped-up ale demands your full attention. Fittingly strong and brash, unleashing full-on flavour. Washington native hops Willamette and Simcoe deliver spicy floral bitterness supported by a sweet malty backbone.
Bishop Nick Revlry '18 Golden English Ale 4.3 Grapefruit & Blackcurrant flavours burst from English hops, Jester & Godiva. Bold bitterness is perfectly balanced with amber, caramalt and wheat malt. A jam packed Golden English Ale.
Bishop Nick Ridley's Rite Pale Ale 3.6 CAMRA award-winning best seller. English Fuggles and Goldings balance Crystal and Pale Ale malts for a floral aroma and subtle satisfying bitterness.
Brentwood Brewing Company Brentwood Best 4.2 Copper coloured traditional best bitter
Brentwood Brewing Company Brentwood Gold 4.3 Rich golden ale, fruity aromas and flavours from Cascade hops
Brentwood Brewing Company Champagne Vlad 9.5 Champagned Imperial Russian Stout
Brentwood Brewing Company Chockwork Orange 6.5 Old ale brewed with oranges for that extra pizzazz
Brentwood Brewing Company Hix's Darkside 7 Oatmeal Stout, barrel aged for 6 years!
Brentwood Brewing Company Legacy 4 Slightly sweet amber session ale
Brentwood Brewing Company SPA 4.1 Relaxing bitterness with invigorating burst of lemongrass, mango & passionfruit
Brentwood Brewing Company Summer Virgin 4.5 Our first ever brew – Blonde & aromatic
Brentwood Brewing Company Elephant School - Big Bulls 6 Juicy IPA
Brentwood Brewing Company Elephant School - Hefelump 4.5 Apricot Hefeweizen
Brentwood Brewing Company Elephant School - Mallowphant 4.8 Marshmallow Stout
Brentwood Brewing Company Elephant School - Peanut Butter Jelly Time 4.8 Peanut Butter & Raspberry Stout
Dartmoor Brewery Dartmoor Best 3.7 An easy drinking golden ale with delicious citrus fruit flavours and aromas.
Dartmoor Brewery Dartmoor IPA 4 Light golden coloured beer with a unique blend of English hops that combine to create a superb spicy apple and citrus fruit flavour with a crisp refreshing aftertaste.
Dartmoor Brewery Jail Ale 4.8 Our original beer which quickly achieved fame across Dartmoor and beyond. A full bodied deep golden brown with a well-rounded flavour and rich moreish aftertaste.
Dartmoor Brewery Legend 4.4 A classic cask conditioned beer smooth full flavoured and balanced. Legend is golden brown in colour with an aroma of fresh baked bread.
Nethergate Brewery Augustinian (Amber) 4.5 No tasting notes available.
Nethergate Brewery Five Rifles (Ruby) 4.1 A ruby best bitter packed full of fruity flavours with and distinct hoppy bite.
Nethergate Brewery Old Growler (Porter) 5 A complex, satisfying Porter, smooth and distinctive. Roast malt and fruit feature on the palate and the finish is powerfully hoppy.
Nethergate Brewery Stour Valley Gold (Gold) 4.2 A light and refreshing golden ale brewed using fragrant citrus hops. A lovely floral aroma with a touch of spice early on and a mellow bitterness at the end.
Nethergate Brewery Suffolk County (Chestnut) 4 A Chestnut coloured best bitter, biscuit malt dominates the warm, well-rounded roasted background with a wonderful bitter finish.
Nethergate Brewery Venture (Amber) 3.7 Delicately smooth and well balanced. Brewed using Challenger and Saaz hops, this is an amber coloured bitter, fruity and light on the palate. A smooth session bitter.
Silks Brewery Molly's Jolly Mild 3.6 A dark and delicious mild with rich malts, smooth chocolate and roast coffee for a moreish mellow flavour.
Silks Brewery Old Man Shirv 4.5 Like the legend this copper coloured premium ale is full of character. A smooth and full bodied ale using classic whole UK Fuggles and Challenger hops with rich malt flavours.
Silks Brewery Pegstar Porter 4.8 A dark robust wheat porter with leathery finish, brewed with whole UK Target hops that bursts with flavour.
Silks Brewery Veteran Campaigner 3.8 A true session amber ale loaded with quality whole UK Goldings hops with a spicy finish for a refreshing honesty.
Silks Brewery Whacker Payne 3.8 Golden refreshment brewed with UK Cascade and Progress whole hops for citrus hints.
Skinners Brewery Betty Stogs (Brazen Cornish Bitter) 4 Copper-coloured, with a light malty aroma, a floral, even cedar taste, and a sharp tang of bitter grapefruit.
Skinners Brewery Cornish Knocker (Ground-breaking Golden Ale) 4.5 The taste of the delicate floral hops trails citrus with a slight pine bitterness and leaves you with a mild biscuit taste.
Skinners Brewery Cornish Trawler (Bracing Pale Ale) 4.5 A strong malty flavour is balanced by the floral hops, with a peppering of liquorice and lemon, and pine touches.
Skinners Brewery G.T.A (Honey Speciality Beer) 3.8 A strong malty flavour is balanced by the floral hops and real Cornish honey. A well balanced golden ale, not too sweet with a moreish, fruity finish.
Skinners Brewery Hazy Mango Pale (Key Keg) 6 No tasting notes available.
Skinners Brewery Hops N' Honey (Honeyed Ale) 4 Floral beneath a delicate, spicy tangerine scent with a touch of toffee and a bittersweet finish.
Skinners Brewery Kickov (The People's Golden Ale) 4.5 Kickov is brewed in Cornwall with Cornish malts and the finest European hops. A refreshing and summery golden ale with a delicate crisp bite of the whole-flower hops off set with mild caramel flavours of the pale malt.
Skinners Brewery Lushingtons (Sunshine Pale Ale) 4.2 Bursting with fruit, within its bittersweet scent you'll pick up lime and mangoes with a little lychee. And its creamy texture contains a slight strawberry finish
Skinners Brewery Penny Come Quick (Milk Stout Key Keg) 4 This deep dark, smooth drinking Cornish milk stout is packed with deep flavours and your nose will pick up coffee and chocolate while your tongue will be treated to a bitter-sweetness with a touch of the florals.
Skinners Brewery Porthleven (Untameable Pale Ale Key Keg) 4.8 Straw-coloured and zesty, with strong citrus aromas, starting with a zip of lemon and lime in the mouth, and ending with a flash of passion fruit.
Skinners Brewery Slovenian Dragon IPA (Key Keg) 6 Named for the powerful Slavic hops that fuel it, this 6% IPA is refreshing and light but reassuringly complex. Subtle, floral notes of pine and rose are offset against a tangy palate of grapefruit with delicious bursts of red berry.
Titanic Brewery Anchor 4.1 This impressive russet gold beer has a strong fruity aroma. Bitterness in the initial taste slips gently from the mooring to allow the full impact of the hops to burst through.
Titanic Brewery Cherry Dark 4.4 This black bitter uses US and Slovenian hops and is infused with cherries that subtly come through on the aftertaste.
Titanic Brewery Chocolate and Vanilla Stout 4.5 Titanic Brewery is rightly renowned for their Stout. having won many awards over the years for a genuine dry stout this beer offers a delightfully sweeter alternative. The sweetness comes from the addition of Chocolate and Madagascan vanilla.
Titanic Brewery Classic Mild 3.5 A mild of classic style full of roast malt and balanced by delicate hops. True to type it has a rounded sweetness and a smooth dry finish.
Titanic Brewery Iceberg 4.1 A combination of Maris Otter pale malt and fine wheat malt, give this refreshing beer real zest. Add fresh tasting Yakima Galena and Cascade hops
Titanic Brewery Plum Porter 4.9 This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring.
Titanic Brewery Raspberry Wheat 4.7 Fruit wheat beer which is hazy in appearance due to the high percentage of wheat malt in the recipe and has light raspberry aromas and taste.
Titanic Brewery Steerage 3.8 This beer embodies the opulence that using only the finest ingredients brings, sit back relax and enjoy the trip that this refreshing clean drinking, hoppy golden bitter brings, then let the fruit, malt and predominantly hops carry through to the aftertaste.
Titanic Brewery White Star 4.5 A light refreshing distinctively hoppy beer with a freshness that belies its strength.
Wibblers Brewery Apprentice - Gluten Free (Cask) 3.9 Copper coloured ale
Wibblers Brewery Crafty Stoat (Cask) 5.3 Stout
Wibblers Brewery Dengie Gold (Cask) 4 Golden and hoppy
Wibblers Brewery Dengie IPA (Cask) 3.6 Traditional
Wibblers Brewery Galaxy (Cask) 4.2 Single hopped golden ale
Wibblers Brewery Hopblack (Cask) 4 Cascadian black IPA
Wibblers Brewery Imperial Stoat (Wobbly 2017) (Cask) TBC Barley wine version of Crafty Stoat to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original Crafty Stoat brew
Wibblers Brewery Spirit of 66 (Cask) 4.3 Chocolate brown ale
Wibblers Brewery Summer Braggot (Cask) TBC Mead beer
Woodforde's Brewery Wherry (Amber Ale) 3.8 A Supreme Champion Beer of Britain! Mighty fresh and zesty, our award-winning, rich amber ale enjoys floods of flavours, as sweet malts clash with grapefruit hops and big floral aromas in a sensory strike. Set sail on an epic taste adventure.
Woodforde's Brewery Reedlighter (Pale Ale) 4.2 Light and refreshing, this beer has been crafted with a blend of our finest hops. Paired up with malt blends and splashes of fresh, citrus flavours, this lightly coloured hoppy delight is designed to entice.
Woodforde's Brewery Bure Gold (Golden Ale) 4.3 We’ve meticulously selected the pale and lightly-roasted malts to form a classic aromatic, golden ale with notes of passionfruit and orange. Sailing to the far reaches, we’ve found hops from America and Slovenia, combined with the best of British. Bring home the gold.
Woodforde's Brewery Nelson's Revenge (Bitter) 4.5 Revenge is best served bittersweet. Our wholehearted harmony of hops, fruits and barley pays homage to brave Admiral Nelson and his crew. Nelson’s is a Norfolk beer, and glory in the taste and aromas of citrus and Norfolk malts we’ve crammed in.
Woodforde's Brewery Norfolk Nog (Dark Ale) 4.6 A Supreme Champion Beer of Britain! Our deep, ruby-red ale graces the senses with comforting splashes of warm hints. Inside, you’ll find a rich, chocolatey taste, tucked away with liquorice and treacle. All enveloped in a velvety blanket, for a smooth, unmistakable texture and finish.
Woodforde's Brewery Once Bittern (Bitter) 4 The rich spice and citrus fruit aromas in this beer echo the majestic calls of the Norfolk Bittern. Fittingly copper-coloured, with hints of sweet malt and fruit, our dry-finished beer came home to roost in Norfolk and is here to stay.
Woodforde's Brewery Mardler's (Mild Ale) 3.5 A dark, mild ale taking its name from an ancient Norfolk dialect — ‘to chat’. With delicate sweet roasted malts, and a low hopping rate, share a conversation over this special session brew: a beer worth talking about.
Woodforde's Brewery Red Admiral (Red Rye Ale) 4 A rye beer to conquer the senses. This alluring, deep ruby ale fuses spicy fruit and lightly malted hops in a harmony of sweet and bitter tastes. When days are getting shorter, make more of your evenings with Red Admiral’s big combo of flavours for an even bigger brew.
Woodforde's Brewery Volt (Pale Ale) 4.5 A beer with some serious voltage. This IPA is crafted to spark your taste buds. The best American hops are all piled into this beer. Tropical, citrus, floral and pine can all be found in one of our most aromatic brews. Shock the system.

Please note that these lists do not guarantee availability of what will be on sale during the festival. These lists are not final and changes can be made at any time without prior notice.